The Program is About to Resume

Posted by RBP Team on Mar 26, 2021 11:29:49 AM


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Happy Holidays!

Posted by RBP Team on Dec 23, 2020 10:04:45 AM


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Sweat the Big Stuff

Posted by RBP Team on Oct 5, 2020 8:11:34 AM

When it comes to planning the important gatherings that drive business, there’s a confusing menu of options to sort through right now.   You may be experiencing an anxious state of limbo and wondering things like:

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When It's Over

Posted by RBP Team on Aug 10, 2020 12:31:08 PM


A few behind the scenes moments with our amazing team.  

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Welcome To Our House

Posted by RBP Team on Jul 29, 2020 5:34:27 PM

It’s easy to get lost in the virtual event landscape.  It can be confusing, frustrating, worrisome and altogether overwhelming.  That’s why we want to be sure you know about vBloch, our proprietary virtual event platform.  


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Storytelling is an Essential Activity

Posted by Jennifer Wollerman on Apr 27, 2020 10:39:37 AM

We’ve heard a lot lately about “essential” vs. “non-essential” activities.   Anything that requires in-person interaction that is not essential to human welfare, is temporarily discouraged or disallowed.

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Events During Troubled Times...

Posted by Jeremy Driesen on Mar 13, 2020 3:28:43 PM

We are in a dizzying and troubling time, to say the least, and we hope that you, your families and your colleagues are safe.

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Never Work With Live Animals

Posted by RBP Team on Oct 3, 2019 12:31:23 PM

The event business has its share of lore, including some horror stories. Here are two that stand out, both of which fall under the maxim of "never work with live animals." An automobile company was launching a new car to a large live audience. The actual reveal of the car would be The Big Moment at the end of the event. As the car arrived on stage, music would play, confetti cannons would shoot, balloons would be released, spotlights would ballyhoo, and dozens of live doves would be released to fly around the high ceiling of the convention center.

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The Question You Should Answer... Even If You Don't Feel Like It.

Posted by Jeremy Driesen on Sep 2, 2019 12:33:00 PM

When we're talking with a new potential client, it often happens that they are very forthcoming about all of the details of their upcoming event with one exception. Clients will often dance around the issue of budget. Over the years, I’ve found that answer falls into a few groups. Some clients come right out and tell you how much they have budgeted. Some clients will ask us to come up with a budget based on their requirements. Others will state a number but not be clear about their expectations of what is included.  

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Posted by RBP Team on Mar 8, 2017 3:53:00 PM

On February 28th, Ray Bloch teamed up with Playstation Theatre/AEG Live and Metropolitan Capital, to present an incredible set by BAILEN, a rapidly rising sibling trio. Recently signed by ICM and Red Light Management, BAILEN rocked the legendary Rockwood Music Hall with a slew of jams, including their hit song “Something Tells Me.” Cracking wise, BAILEN effortlessly bounced between their soulful music and witty banter – fully engaging the packed house. 

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