A Conversation With John Roach, Associate Producer

Posted by RBP Team on Jul 26, 2016 5:44:00 PM

Over the last year, John Roach has been transitioning from our Production Coordinator to an Associate Producer. The first event where he took the reigns was The Centennial of the Equitable Building for Silverstein properties, and has culminated with his role as Associate Producer on the 2016 IEEE Honors Ceremony where he served as the Associate Producer for Ray Bloch’s Production of the 2016 IEEE Honors Ceremony. We sat down with John afterwards for a debriefing.

Would you mind telling us what has been different about being a Producer as opposed to a Production Coordinator, and how your role has grown since the Silverstein event?

This time around, at the 2016 IEEE Honors Ceremony, I served as the point person for the client: the one that was the face of Ray Bloch.

The liaison between the client and Ray Bloch Productions.

I have always seen that role as someone who must keep the client confident and calm that there is someone at the helm, who will own everything and make sure they have a solid event. To be able to step up and fill that role has been nice. To walk away with them feeling comfortable and confident in our abilities to pull off this event was a rewarding experience.

You started out as an intern for Ray Bloch, is that correct? Did you imagine that this was the path your career would take?

For the most part, I imagined this was my trajectory. My first goal was to be secured on staff in a production capacity. After working on several conferences, it was a quick transition from intern to production coordinator. From there it’s been a steady climb.

Have there been any influences on how you conduct yourself as a producer?

Seeing how Jen and Rich act during rehearsals, how they act as a catchall for concerns the client may have; seeing them have that “we’ll get it done” attitude was helpful to observe over the course of a few years. The main thing I learned was to really be the calm, consistent force.

The IEEE Honors Ceremony was a unique event for Ray Bloch. It exuded an air of respect and formality. What was it like to tackle this unique event?

Every event is unique, and every event has its challenges. As a producer, you take certain elements of every different event, venue, and staff member; and you use that to inform how you are going to attack the next event. For IEEE, we had a high need for videos, and it was exciting to help them bring high quality video content to the event. Between our Creative Director, Julie Galdieri; Spot Creative, our video production partner; and the Client; we were able to build the shape and voice of the event. We were able to take these original ideas and turn them into something concrete and exciting.

How did you feel producing the event?

I felt pretty rock solid. It’s something that I have been itching to do, and I very much trust the folks on our team. It’s a great team of people that I can lean on and look to for support.

What was the most gratifying part of this experience?

The most gratifying part was the most nerve-wracking part: when the event is going, you see that it’s rolling and the client is going to be happy. The best part of project management is seeing the project happen. “You did your job, and you did it right.