Ray Bloch Productions Adds Marketing And Sponsorship Strategies To Offerings

Posted by RBP Team on Jun 2, 2016 12:52:00 PM

Providing robust content to appreciative audiences is great. Doing so and making a profit is even better. But without a dedicated marketing staff, or one with expertise in identifying and securing sponsors and attendees, choosing the right partner is crucial. Jeremy Driesen, president of Ray Bloch Productions, may have discovered the solution. Over the last several years, a number of major media companies have approached New York-based Ray Bloch Productions for assistance in producing their conferences. “With revenues shrinking for media companies, finding a way to turn a conference into a money-maker can be a game changer,” said Driesen.

“Media companies are often completely focused on content – and rightly so – but they need to think about the other side of the coin – literally. We found a way to both produce first-class events and successfully support sponsorship and high-caliber attendee acquisition. ”

Ray Bloch Productions partners with the media companies’ marketing teams to ensure this kind of conference success.

“It’s understandable that these companies are concerned with ethics and not allowing marketing efforts to compromise their journalistic standards,” “said Jennifer Wollerman, executive producer at Ray Bloch. “We understand their culture and want to make the process as effortless as possible, so we offer event production and creative that brings the content to life in dynamic ways, plus the marketing strategy and implementation. Clients can use whatever pieces complement their own capabilities.”

Ray Bloch Productions works with media companies to identify gaps in their marketing strategy, propose multiple solutions, and even handle outreach to potential attendees.

“We are deep into the tactics of making this profitable,” said Wollerman. “We help modify the language in marketing and public relations efforts and work with them to identify every single opportunity to touch specifically targeted potential attendees, to identify and help secure media partners as well as leverage sponsors – and to track the success of those efforts.”

“The results are astounding,” said Driesen. “We’ve seen conferences sell out well in advance. It shows the client that not only can they provide outstanding content to targeted audiences, but they can turn a profit at the same time.”