The Program is About to Resume

Posted by RBP Team on Mar 26, 2021 11:29:49 AM

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Meeting new people, catching up with colleagues and sitting together as one for an immersive experience watching powerful content play out across big, impactful screens.  These are among the things we’ve all missed about in-person events – but the wait is almost over. 


We don’t have a crystal ball to tell us exactly how this year will play out, but it’s now clear that it will include the return of in-person events and that means that now is the time to start planning.   Many of our clients are already in discussions with us about their Fall events and with many intending to leverage a virtual component as well, it’s not too soon to be having these planning conversations.  


We’ve all learned a lot from our adventures in virtual events.  We’ve been reminded of what we treasure most about being able to gather in person and what’s lost when we can’t.  But we’ve also seen that, by approaching virtual in a way that leverages its particular attributes, it can create a powerful digital platform with important strengths.  


We’re now entering into a new phase where we can combine those strengths with the irreplaceable engagement of in-person events and many are choosing a hybrid approach – leveraging the best of both worlds – as a strategy for overall event planning.   A virtual component that compliments your in-person event can expand your audience reach, provide tangible ROI and can live on as an engaging online environment where your meeting content can be accessed following the event.  


If you’re planning an event in 2021, it’s not too soon to start laying the groundwork.   Ray Bloch Productions can help you strategize and plan efficiently and cost-effectively, whether your vision is in person or a hybrid approach.  


We’ve been producing events for over 60 years.  (Check out our sizzle reel.)   And having our own in-house, fully customizable virtual event platform means seamless, consistent creative wherever your attendees gather.  


 As we look forward to resuming in-person programs, RBP is ready to help tell your 2021 story. 



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