Your Event Production Team - Essential Roles And Skills

Posted by RBP Team on Oct 3, 2019 3:25:24 PM

action-2277292_1920Building the right team is critical to the success of your event. It begins with an honest assessment of the talent within your internal team. What skills do you have and where are the gaps? Once identified, you can fill those gaps with industry professionals.

Every event is unique, and some may require specialty skills – digital media experts, special effects designers, augmented reality technicians, for example – but here is a rundown of the core roles and responsibilities that are essential to ensure flawless execution. 

Executive Producer – Manages all creative, technical, and production teams. Creates budgets and production schedules and keeps them updated. As the main point of contact, the EP maintains day-to-day contact with clients, ensures all documents are reviewed and sent on a timely basis and makes sure all team members stick to the production schedule.

Creative Director - Overall creative concept development: Guides creative team on event theme, set design, art direction for presentations, live performances, digital media, videos and scripts. Ensures adherence to client brand guidelines and strategies and manages day-to-day creative direction. 

Technical Director - Oversees technical requirements for consistency and quality. Staffs and manages all technical crews, creates and manages the budget for technical requirements, maintains production and on-site schedule, oversees set fabrication, and load-in/load-out on-site and interacts with venue to ensure venue requirements are met. 

Set Designer (Environmental Designer) - Creates the concept and renders set designs with input from the Creative Director: ensures the designs align with the venue specifications and modifies the designs according to venue restrictions. Provides specifications to fabricators and CAD drafters, oversees the build on-site in order to be sure that the vision is fulfilled.

Graphics Designer - Works with Creative Director to develop custom on-brand theme graphic, sub-theme graphics, and builds the speaker support template. Develops supporting artwork as needed, builds charts and graphs, develops artwork for print (signage, materials, etc.) and for projection, and custom content-rich presentations alongside subject matter experts as required.

Production Coordinator – Supports Executive Producer and production team.  Assists EP in developing all schedules, oversees logistics management, content and graphic coordination, and any other duties as assigned.

Graphics Coordinator - Coordinates and maintains consistent flow of all graphics and presentation materials, ensures content consistency, works with production team to ensure all content is received and accurate, and works with the team of designers and operators on site to manage graphics needs.

When you have a production team with the right people in the right roles with the right skills, you can actually enjoy the journey, your client can sleep at night, and your odds for a successful event increase exponentially. In words attributed to Aristotle when he was headlining at the Lyceum: "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work". 

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